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Flora Culture International

Kamikaze Retailers - Nov. 2000

September 2008

As a supplier of plants to the major retailers for the past 25 years, I have been able to observe some pretty strange behavior. Much of this observation was done at a less than comfortable distance. Whenever a grower is very close to a mega-retailer, there is always the danger of being pulled into the black hole, to be utterly crushed and to disappear for all time.The particular behavior that I ...more

The Outsider's View of the Dutch Auction System (part 1) - Jan. 2001

September 2008

For close to 25 years I have been exposed to the Dutch horticultural market. While most of my exposure has been as a customer, I have sometimes been a seller, and I have always been a student of what to do and sometimes what not to do. My first impressions were made when the guilder was a very weak currency. The plants coming across the auction seemed almost free. There were huge numbers of ...more

An Outsider's View of the Dutch Auction System (part 2) - March 2001

September 2008

In my January column, I promised to tell you what the Dutch auction/exporter system has done in the last year that I think is so bad for growers.First, I will tell you what I think works well in their distribution system. The cash and carry outlets that sever small retailers make a great deal of sense to me. They offer the real convenience of one-stop shopping for the florist or independent ...more

Grower Talks

Travel Report from GLEE - 2007

September 2008

GLEE is the huge garden center show held every year in Birmingham England. With over 25,000 visitors, it's Britain?s biggest wholesale garden center show. GLEE also has a large area dedicated to pet supplies and aquatic supplies, reflecting the diverse range of products sold in British garden centers today. Peter Dawson of PJMD Horticulture gave a press briefing to describe the current state of ...more

Garden Center Summer - 2007

September 2008

The OFA Short Course begins the summer trade show season. Always well attended by growers and retailers, it has become a must-attend event. This year saw the birth of a new show: The Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago was held in August. Many independents garden center operators were at the show looking for things to put in their centers. For sure, this show will grow, though hopefully not ...more

Dishonest Behavior - 2007

September 2008

Our youngest just turned 15 and wanted a Nintendo Wii for her birthday present. She and my wife were unsuccessful after looking for her future Wii at Toys "R" Us and Best Buy. The salesperson at Best Buy told my wife that when they run an advertisement, the product sells out as quickly as it?s shipped in. While a little disappointed, my daughter was willing to wait until another store had a ...more

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